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Sanaa Chocolates Featured in South Bend News

sanaa Chocolates

One of the best things about beautiful, handcrafted chocolates is the number of people to whom they appeal. Sanaa Chocolates has proven this by catching the eye of several local Indiana news stations who appreciate the company’s history just as much as the products.

How Did Sanaa Chocolates Come to Be?

Every news interview with Sanaa Chocolates’ owners, Yvonne and Oscar Kaunda, has focused on the story behind the chocolate. Both the South Bend Tribune and the South Bend | Elkhart Regional Partnership took special note of Yvonne’s childhood fascination with chocolate.

Yvonne Kasimba (now Kaunda) grew up in Kenya and remembers tasting her first chocolate bar at the age of 5. It was then that her love for the sweet began. During a visit to Malaysia, she tasted chocolate bars from all over the world and knew she wanted to make her own.

Fast forward a few years to when Yvonne met her now-husband, Oscar. After Yvonne answered his first-date question, “What are you passionate about?” with the word, “Chocolate,” Oscar signed her up for a chocolate-making class under Ecole Chocolate. Then, she attended Lake Michigan College and obtained her master chocolatier certificate.

Sanaa Chocolates got an early start as a farmer’s market vendor, but Yvonne and Oscar knew that they would become their own local business. Now, Sanaa Chocolates is located in Mishawaka, IN, and is satisfying customers with delicious, beautiful chocolates made from local and natural ingredients.

What Sets Sanaa Chocolates Apart from Other Vendors?

Not only has the news taken note of Yvonne and Oscar’s story, but it has also taken note of the artistry found within their business. “Sanaa” is actually the Swahili word for “work of art.” Each chocolate is beautifully painted, combining art with flavor. In fact, there are more flavors than most customers know what to do with. Each chocolate is filled with your choice of fruit, coffee, ganache, cream, nuts, etc.

Additionally, Yvonne Kaunda is passionate about creating healthy, natural chocolates. She sources ingredients locally and knows exactly what goes into each bite. One news article even pointed out that Yvonne rarely takes vitamins, as her dark chocolate is rich in iron and antioxidants.

A Growing Business

As a minority-owned, local business, Sanaa Chocolates experiences challenges that large companies do not. However, Yvonne and Oscar view these challenges as a blessing more than anything, because it means they are seeing their dreams fulfilled. 

As their business (and list of happy customers) grows, Yvonne and Oscar offer more and more options both in-store and online. This winter, they are selling delicious, handmade hot chocolate bombs. These hot chocolate bombs feature delicate chocolate shells filled with house-made hot chocolate powder, and your choice of marshmallows (a vegan option included). The best part is, they ship and deliver!

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