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Why Are You Craving Chocolate?

If you like chocolate even a little bit, chances are high that you have fallen victim to a random chocolate craving. After a healthy lunch of grilled chicken salad, all you can think about is a hot, gooey, chocolate chip cookie. Or, that midnight craving for a Snickers bar strikes just as you are about to fall asleep. Is there a reason behind these cravings? Why do so many people seem to crave chocolate over other foods? Let’s take a closer look at the facts.

Reasons You Might Be Craving Chocolate

Fortunately, science does a pretty good job explaining most of the human body’s strange quirks and habits. While the exact reason behind a chocolate craving might change depending on the person, common reasons include the following.

Magnesium Deficiency

Some studies suggest that a chronic chocolate craving could be the result of a magnesium deficit in the body. Chocolate is high in magnesium, so the deficient body naturally craves the balance that chocolate provides. 

Low Blood Sugar

Another reason you might find yourself craving chocolate is that your blood sugar is low. Most chocolate is high in sugar and provides a quick fix when you are hungry or low on energy. The sugar cycles through your body quickly and helps clear that “brain fog” that occurs when you have gone too long without eating.


Did you know that cacao acts as a natural caffeine source? If you find yourself tired and craving chocolate instead of caffeine, it is because your body subconsciously craves that boost of energy it receives from the chocolate’s caffeine. Of course, the caffeine and the sugar work hand in hand to eliminate brain fog.

Coping Mechanism for Stress

When the body is stressed out or anxious, it naturally craves dopamine. Dopamine is essentially your body’s “pleasure” chemical and is naturally released by carbs and sugar. To combat stress or even a simple bad mood, your body begins craving those easy carbs for dopamine release. This is often what leads toward a late-night or after-work cookie craving.

Habitual Sugar Consumption

If you seem to crave chocolate daily, the problem might be less medical and more habitual. Your body often craves what you train it to crave. If you consume chocolate habitually, missing a day or a meal confuses your body. Your body begins sending signals to your brain to say, “Hey, we missed our chocolate today! Did you mean to do that?”

Taste (Pure and Simple!)

Of course, the simplest explanation for your mysterious chocolate craving is that chocolate is delicious! If it tastes good, you will probably crave it every so often…and that is perfectly all right!

Are Chocolate Cravings a Bad Thing?

Keep in mind that not all chocolate is created equal. Many chocolate companies produce mass-made, overly processed chocolate that is high in both fat and sugar. These types of chocolate typically offer few health benefits, especially when consumed regularly.

That said, high-quality chocolate made with sustainable ingredients offers many health benefits. Dark chocolate is rich in iron and good for your heart, and good chocolate has even been said to increase cognitive function. A high percentage of cacao in your chocolate loads your body with antioxidants. As long as you pair your chocolate with other healthy, whole foods, you don’t have to be stressed by your cravings.

Who Are We, and How Can We Help?

At Sanaa Chocolates, we pride ourselves on knowing exactly what goes in our products all the way from bean to bonbon. We source our organic ingredients locally and pride ourselves on the 100% trustworthy chocolates we produce. Additionally, we keep the bonbons on our shelf fresh, always striving not to overproduce and waste ingredients.

Beautiful, delicious chocolate is our passion, and we want to share our passion with you! Learn more about our business here or shop our wide variety of bonbons. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to call us today.

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