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Your Guide To Chocolate Gifts

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time for sweet treats and great gifts. If you’re looking for the perfect gift that is sure to be a hit no matter who you’re shopping for, look no further than these artful and exquisite confections from Sanaa Chocolates. Here’s your guide to chocolate gifts!

Bonbon Boxes

There’s a reason Sanaa Chocolates is known for its premium, hand-painted bonbons. If you’re looking for a no-fail gift idea, these delectable bonbons are sure to be a hit. They come in a variety of boxes, from 6 to 25 assorted pieces, and there are 12 incredible bonbon flavors to choose from. Not only do these artful chocolates look and taste great, but they are also made by certified chocolatiers. All of our Bonbons are also made with 100% fair trade cocoa and 100% natural ingredients. At a variety of different price points, these elegant and classy chocolates would make a perfect gift for all. 

Dipped Fruits

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box gift, choose from Sanaa Chocolates’ delicious pate de fruit collections. The tropical collection features seven great flavors like guava, banana, and mango, while the vineyard collection includes seven delicious flavors like blood orange and blackcurrant. Or, for those people in your life who can’t get enough chocolate, try the orange peels for a unique and decadent gift. 

Mendiants (Healthy Bites)

Nothing sounds more delectable than these beautiful chocolate puddles topped with your favorite toppings. Sanaa Chocolates’ mendiants offer a healthier option in the world of confections, making them a guilt-free gift for anyone in your life. These sweet treats are fit for any occasion and any time of the year. Mendiants are traditionally served during Christmas time, which makes them perfect for holiday parties or even stocking stuffers. Choose from classic flavors like milk chocolate or almond toffee, or pick even healthier flavors like Omega-3 or berry mix. 

Peanut Butter Cups

Who doesn’t love peanut butter cups? Sanaa Chocolates offers a high-quality take on a famous classic. These sweet treats come in 4- or 6-count boxes and are a highly affordable option. Like all Sanaa chocolates, these peanut butter cups are made with 100% fair trade cocoa and all-natural ingredients. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of gift possibilities, you can’t go wrong with these luxurious peanut butter cups. 


Finally, Sanaa’s chocolate caramel pecan turtles are another classic confection that everyone is sure to love. These turtles are intricately designed and hand-painted with edible gold dust for an elegant, classy look that your eyes will adore as much as your taste buds will relish. These beautiful treats come in 2 or 6-counts and would make an impressive stocking stuffer or perfect chocolate gifts.

E-Gift Cards

Still feeling undecided? Give the gifts of both chocolate and choice with a Sanaa Chocolates e-gift card! These gift cards are a wonderful gift on any budget because any amount can be gifted. Once purchased, the e-gift card can be used towards any item on the online store, making it the most customizable present. Take the guessing out of gifting with this great option!

No matter who you are shopping for this year, Sanaa Chocolates offers a variety of premium confections that are sure to impress. Made with 100% fair trade cocoa and all organic ingredients, these premium treats are visually stunning works of art that taste even better than they look. With so many different options, we’re sure you’ll find something they’ll love this holiday season!

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